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Making Gold Jewelries

Our Story

Philip Sullivan has over 25 years of strong success and experience in fine jewellery, being located in Summerside, Prince Edward Island - Canada; Philip Sullivan owns Grad Rings PEI by Jewellery Plus and he has a passion for supporting Holland College and the help commemorate the very special event of college graduation. Jewellery Plus and Grad Rings PEI hope to mark the achievement of graduation, with the finest quality of 14K gold, 10K gold and sterling silver rings. Offering the finest quality and custom rings, which will truly last a lifetime.

Grad Rings PEI begins with general graduation rings and branching off into specialty rings for each faculty. Quality and satisfaction are guaranteed, and Jewellery Plus / Grad Rings PEI wishes to help mark this special occasion for you.

The owner of Jewellery Plus is inspired by helping to mark significant life events and achievements, with more services being offered through; Philip Sullivan is a renowned PEI Jeweller, offering more services as well.


More services include jewellery remounting and custom design, watch repairs, jewellery appraisals and holds the following certifications:

Graduate Jeweler - Canadian Jewelers Institute (May 1995)

Insurance Replacement Appraisal Certificate (With Honors) - GIA (Gemilogical Institute of America)(November 1996)
Diamonds - GIA (July 1998)
Diamond Grading - GIA (January 2002)
Colored Stones - GIA (June 2004)
Colored Stone Grading Theory - GIA (June 2006)


With the finest skills and finest quality rings, Grad Rings PEI by Jewellery Plus truly offers satisfaction for all customers. More custom designs can also be provided, to alternate schools than Holland College. We hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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